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Platinum dares to set a new standard of van.

Ultimate cost efficiency

Simple yet elegant style

Unique like no other

Great vision, this is the condition of the leader


Comfortable 9 Seaters

Like no other van, spacious seats of Urban Exclusive allows 9 fully-grown adults to feel like they are all seated on the 2nd row.

Fully Changed Dashboard

Nothing stands out. That actually adds more elegance to the overall design. It uses high-quality leathers on the steering wheel and dashboard.

All-Row Armrest

Adjustable armrests are installed on 1st, 2nd and 3rd row. You can adjust the angle of the seats and there is enough legroom for everyone onboard.

Dual Sunroof

Side windows extended to the very back of the car together with dual sunroof on the ceiling provide extra comfort and cool air ventilation for all the passengers inside.


Cascading Chrome Grille

Let the new cascading chrome grille be the new trademark of Hyundai. Detailed design of grille seamlessly connected to the headlamp adds more completeness.

17-inch Chrome Wheels

A newly-designed wheel itself brings the brand into another level. Hyundai have finally figured out what consumers want.

Streamlined Design

The symbol of Hyundai cargo van - Grand Starex - has evolved over the years into a passenger-friendly van loved by families or adventure lovers.

LED Rear Lamps

Unusually simple design at the back except LED tail light somehow gives the on-looker that simple is always the best.

Grand Starex Urban Exclusive

Comfort and Convenience


High Position Seats

Once you get used to the high seat almost at an eye level with bus driver’s, no other van can beat the comfort of driving Grand Starex Urban Exclusive.

USB Ports

Extra USB ports for cellphone charging are added not only to the 2nd row but also to the 3rd row seats. It is just so ready for long distance travel.

Raised Head Unit

Other than stylish look, raised head unit actually is more comfortable to operate.



The driver and front seat passenger in the Grand Starex can be reassured by added side airbags, which offers additional protection against side impacts.


Hill-Start Assist Control. When you let go of the accelerator on an uphill, HAC will prevent the car from sliding backward for 2 seconds.


Electronic Stability Control. Modern vehicles are all equipped with ESC. This mechanism on the powertrain allows smooth driving on curves.

Design and Style

Design and Style


-Price: Php 2,550,000
-Engine: Euro 6 2.5 CRDI
-Fuel: Diesel
-Driving System: RWD
-Composite Fuel Economy: 9.3 km/l
-Max Output: 140~175hp
-Max Torque: 36.0 ~ 46.0kg.m

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