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Frequently Asked Questions

Renault Twizy

The average price of Twizy across Europe is more or less €11,000. To confirm, you may visit the following websites for your verification:
Renault UK
Renault France
Unfortunately, there are no local banks in the Philippines offering financing scheme on this beautiful eletric vehicle from Europe due to unknown market value as of now.
17 hp
Yes. It can be driven along EDSA, C5 and other major roads in the Philippines, including expressway! How cool is that!
Height: 1454mm
Ground Clearance:120mm
Cargo Volume: 31L
It costs ₱680,000 in the Philippines, and cash only!
Yes, it charges little by little everytime you step on the brakes, so enjoy the speed and brake as hard as you can!
Yes. The price includes 3 years of FREE LTO registration! It will be registered as Electric Quadricycle in the Philippines.
No, Renault designed it without air condition to maximize the driving range. You may install an electric fan for added cool-ness.
The original design of Renault Twizy doesn't come with windows installed. We, however, have detachable windows as accessories for sale. Don't worry. There are so many cool accessories available in the market.
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