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Luxury Vans Philippines

Diesel Particulate Filter

EURO 4, EURO 5, EURO 6 diesel vehicles - local and import - are equipped with DPF. It is a device to reduce bad exhaust. Proper maintenance is crucial because DPF is very costly. We are the only DPF cleaning shop in the Philippines offering professional machine service.

Luxury Vans Philippines

How to Clean DPF Properly

Simple chemical cleaning is very limited ineffectively removing the accumulated ashes in the filter. Pressurized water cleaning typically done in local shops doesn’t do anything but damages the filter. Proper equipment with accurate solution is the key to longer life span of your car!

Luxury Vans Philippines

When Do I Have to Clean My DPF?

The built-up ashes might block the filter and the DPF warning might light upon your dashboard. The blockage will cause difficult to gain speed, reduced fuel efficiency and even lead to overheating the engine.

Typically, vehicle swill clean DPF itself by self-regeneration. But, the engine must reach a temperature of 600°C and run at 80km/h speed for more than 20 minutes to effectively burn the ashes. This is problematic usually for city drivers or those driving short distances only.

If you are not regularly driving at highways, DPF should be cleaned at specialized service center every 20~30,000km.

“Blockage will cause difficulty to gain speed, reduced fuel efficiency and even lead to overheating”

Luxury Vans Philippines

Total Time: Minimum of 4 hours

(varies according to vehicles and DPF condition)

1. DPF Removal
2. Solution Bathing
3. Machine Cleaning
4. DPF Installation
5. Regeneration

Advantages of DPF Cleaning

DPF is typically one of the most expensive car parts. Damaged DPF cannot be repaired and it will cause malfunction and eventually total breakdown. Other than that, uncleaned DPF causes low fuel efficiency and low output.

You can prevent them by regularly maintaining the DPF of your vehicle with proper cleaning. It is way cheaper and safer!

Luxury Vans Philippines
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