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Because everyone deserves luxury.

Extravagance at times

Yet low maintenance cost

Rule breaker among luxury vans

Great vision, this is the condition of the leader

Hyundai Grand Starex Platinum Luxury at Pinnacle Full View

Luxury at Pinnacle

Imagine Toyota Alphard, Lexus LM, Benz V-class put into one low-maintenance cost unit. That is Platinum G6.

Lazy Boy Seats

Experience “zero-gravity comfort.” Find your personal best position with the snap of your finger.

Starlight Headliner

Reminiscing of Rolls-Royce, hundreds of fiber optic star lights turn your space into night sky, beautiful and romantic.

Yacht Wooden Flooring

The warmth of wooden flooring with added durability will make your space more of a lounge rather a vehicle.


Irresistable Look

Simple yet sophisticated styling embodies the distinctive image of the advanced Grand Starex Urban.


Halogen bulbs give clear, crisp, natural sun-like white-yellow light that can last upto 1,000 hours. Cheaper and easier to maintain.

Autofold Side Mirror

It makes parking especially comfortable. No need to fold your mirrors left and right. Turn off the engine and they will automatically be folded.

Extreme Performance

Drive confidently with the facelifted urban look of Grand Starex. In appliance with Euro 6 standard, it’s approx. 10hp stronger and a lot more environment friendly.

Hyundai Grand Starex Platinum G6

Grand Starex Platinum G6

Comfort and Convenience

Hyundai Grand Starex Platinum G6 Head Unit

Android Head Unit

Connect to WIFI or to your phone. Watch TV, use navigation system, listen to music with Spotify or simply do all of them.

15-in Automatic Roofmounted Monitor

Complete infotainment. Let the passengers know where you are going with synced screen or let them watch their own with USB

Automatic Footrest

With the button on the side of your seat, adjust your footrest. Remove your shoes, lie down and relax.

Massage and Ventilation

As if your personal therapist is behind you all the time. Enjoy soft “hilot” without sweating your back.

Hyundai Grand Starex Platinum G6 Hands Free Bluetooth

Hands-Free Bluetooth

With an upgraded steering wheel, you can answer the phone, adjust the volume, change the TV/radio channel while keeping your eyes on the road.


The driver and front seat passenger in the Grand Starex can be reassured by added side airbags, which offers additional protection against side impacts.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System indicates that one or more tires are under-flated, ensuring safe drive.


Traction Control System, a secondary function of the electronic stability control designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels.

Hyundai Grand Starex Platinum G6 Design

Design and Style

Design and Style

Hyundai Grand Starex Platinum G6 Features


-Price: Price: Php 3,400,000
-Transmission: 5-speed Automatic
-Engine: Euro 6 2.5 CRDI
-Fuel: Diesel
-Driving System: RWD
-Composite Fuel Economy: 9.3 km/l
-Max Output: 140~175hp
-Max Torque: 36.0 ~ 46.0kg.m

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