Renault’s Twizy rises in SEA

December 15, 2020

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“Ultra-compact EVs have been mentioned as the next generation mobility for drivers living in clustered cities for quite a while now. The latest trend that began in Europe has recently landed in Korea,” said Kwon Soon-wu, an analyst of SK Securities.

Leasing the trend in Asia is China, with US-based auto giant General Motors having rolled out Baojun E100 ultra-compact EV early 2017.

Although Korea is a late-comer to the trend, ultra-small EVs are quickly garnering popularity.RENAULT took this opportunity and take it’s production to Busan in South Korea in March 2019 to meet increased demand in Asia.

1,500 units of Renault Twizy ultra-compact EV made by Renault Samsung Motor in South Korea were sold out within a month on May 2020, according to the company.

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So what’s the reason why Twizy is selling like hotcakes in South East Asia? Simple - Customizable with infinite possibilities.

Yes, you read that right. The twizy has a wide variety of accessories and custom made add-ons to fit everyone’s lifestyle. It gives you this feeling of uniqueness and specialty while delivering comfort unto your lifestyle.

Several examples of creative, bizarre Twizy customs cross our screens on a fairly consistent basis. Just recently, we’ve discovered the creativeness of Smart’s Fortwo Edition by Jeremy Scott and Toyota Europe’s ME.WE concept. Sometimes the oddball stuff is actually cool, as is the case with Renault’s latest Twizy EV variant, the wonderfully insane Twizy Renault Sport F1 concept. We’ll show you later, but first. What is Twizy?

But as the saying goes, anything that’s good can always be made better, a sentiment that counts double if the “made better” part includes a total vehicle overhaul by an automaker’s F1 engineers.

Enter the Twizy Renault Sport F1 concept car.

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Improbable and Spectacular!

Indeed, transforming a Twizy into something that looks like a cartoon F1 car in the first place is pretty spectacular. Better still, the concept isn’t a mere styling buck whipped up in some design studio—it’s a fully functioning piece screwed together by the F1 crew at Renault and packed with F1 know-how. Because, you know, that’s exactly what a glorified electric golf cart needs. The Twizy’s plastic surgery includes the rolling stock from a Formula Renault 2.0 race car, carbon-fiber side pods, a front splitter, and a rear diffuser element. A tall, narrow take on an F1 car’s rear wing juts off of the back of the Twizy’s passenger cell, which does without the standard model’s optional side doors. Truly, the appearance of a beast that is about to pounce yet which is still fun to drive.

How about some lifestyle add-ons?

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Go full off-road with Twizy and your mountain bikes!

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Perhaps a portable luggage that directly attaches at the back of your Twizy?

These are just some of the creative concept designs for Renault’s Twizy.

How about you? How would you customize your very own Twizy?