Imported Platinum Vs. Local Platinum

Php 500,000 difference

SRP of the local Grand Starex Platinum variant starts from 2.9m and reaches up to 3.1m with additional installation of the automatic sliding doors. It comes with the automatic seats on the 2nd row and perhaps its best feature is the partition console between the driver and the passengers with a wide TV screen. The engine, unfortunately, stays at Euro 4 standard and the interior design remains quite bland.

Grand Starex Platinum variant found at Autoaccess dares to set a new standard of Grand Starex and a van itself in the whole. With stylish gray interior design, the moment you open the sliding door, you will definitely see the reason why most of the wise and smart consumers choose to buy from the gray market. Overall interior design is simple yet more elegant, the 2nd row automatic seats comes with wider area for maximum comfort, and the performance is enhanced with Euro 6 standard engine.

Naturally you would think that imported Starex would be more expensive. But, surprisingly it’s not. Below is the price detail with the current promotion:

Model SRPe Discounted Price Discount
2020 Grand Starex Platinum 2,690,000/2,750,000 2,380,000/2,450,000 300,000~310,000

Promo period: Aug ~ Sept 11, 2020

To discover more about the specifications and other details of the unit, click here to direct to the Platinum page.