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Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth,” says Proverbs 27:2. It gives more trust to the buyers when especially a publicly well-known company writes something about the product of someone else.

Autoindustriya is one of the pioneering auto industry platforms in the Philippines, providing auto industry-related news and interesting write-ups. 2020 Hyundai Grand Starex Platinum G6 solely distributed by Autoaccess in the Philippines finally had the chance to be featured in the article. As a unique type of luxury van, Platinum G6 sets itself apart from others with its compact features and affordable price. The latest Grand Starex model in appliance with Euro 6 standards while the local Grand Starex stays at Euro 4 standards is definitely an appeal to the buyers.

Listen to what Autoindustriya had to say about Platinum G6. To read their full article, click here. You can also check their Youtube unboxing video here.

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