New Starex Fully Changed in 14 Years, Expected to Launch in 1st Quarter 2021

November 11, 2020

Latest Grand Starex

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Hyundai Motors is drawing attention of the van lovers (for that matter any car enthusiasts) around the world with its latest ‘Starex (US4)’ to be launched expectedly in the first quarter of next year.

According to Korean Car Review sites, the prototype of Hyundai Motors’ trademark van Starex was spotted test-driving on the road, revealing intriguing design and silhouette.

The new Starex that Hyundai Motors is expected to disclose in 2021 is the first fully transformed Starex model since the launching of 2nd generation Starex back in 2007. A new exterior and interior design, 3rd generation platform, new powertrain, various latest convenience features and safety measures are likely to expand its marketability.

Latest Grand Starex

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Exterior wise, its semi-bonnet type and one-box style resembles much like the current Starex models, but the front look of the hood and angle of the windshield show noticeable differences.

While current Starex features a gentle angle for its hood and front windshield, the new Starex boasts steep design giving the vibe of futuristic orientation.

The length of the hood got noticeably short and the on-lookers instantly observe the position of the radiator grille as well as headlamps being situated lower than its predecessors. The grille adopted split type design and the composite headlamps are installed like much of the latest Hyundai SUV line-ups.

Latest Grand Starex

A spy shot taken by a driver in a South Korean expressway

The transformation on the side of the vehicle is also worth mentioning. With the application of the latest 3rd generation platform, its wheel drive adopts front-wheel drive, a change from its rear-wheel drive, expecting to provide more comfortable space inside.

New Starex seems to emphasize “openness” unlike the current models. Smooth curvature from the hood to windshield all the way to its roofline but especially the giant-size side windows and the windowline attract our attention above anything else.

Its side mirrors are located farther behind the A-pillar and even a quarter glass is installed to prevent blind spot views. Four pins of aerodynamic technology are added to the side mirror fillers.

Latest Grand Starex

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Its low beltline is also quite impressive. Its refined design on details, body color cladding and two-tone color on its wheel-arch show the effort to get rid of Starex’ commercial-vehicle or cargo-van image.

The design of its rear is still unknown, but vertical design much like its current models is adopted. However, taillamps would reveal its presence better with its bigger vertical outline and graphic.

We are also partially enlightened of its box-type styling with its rear spoiler and vertical tailgate for maximum practicality, and wider rear glass allows more open look. Also, rear multi-link suspensions would provide smoother and more comfortable ride for the passengers.

Latest Grand Starex

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None of its interior design is revealed, but we are reasonably expecting the overall design to adopt the latest Hyundai’s horizontal layout adopted in Tucson and others.

The powertrain is expected to come in 3.5L gasoline and new Smartstream 2.5L gasoline turbo, Smartstream 2.2L diesel and LPi.

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