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Renewed Standard of Class

Latest technology allows distintive style and comfort without fotsaking the performance of the all-time favorite van of South Korea. Experience a simple yet luxurious ride with Starex Limousine. The high-roof design not only provides spacious interior, but also increased the performance by its aero dynamic


Confident of New Scale

A new level of comfort within a spacious interior. The level of coziness leaves a lasting impression.

The spacious and refined interior provides you with maximum comfort.

Comfort and Convenience

Pinnacle of New Innovation

What else distinguishes Starex Limousine other than its spatial design? Exclusive suspension system ensures comfortable riding quality. In addition, exclusive garnishing and door trimming allows high-satisfaction experience everytime you are inside. Multimedia functions, reading lamps, ventilated seats are just extra.


Category 2.5 Diesel Limousine Exclusive
Overall length (mm) 5,175
Overall width (mm) 2,000
Overall height (mm) 2,205(2,245/4WD)
Wheelbase (mm) 3,200
Before wheel track (mm) 1,685
After wheel track (mm) 1,660
Engine types CRDi
Displacement (cc) 2,497
Max output (PS/rpm) 175/3,600
Max torque (kg.m/rpm) 46/2,000~2,250
Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 75

Government-certified Standard Fuel Efficiency and Class
6-seater Limousine Exclusive /
Dual Sunroof 2.5 diesel 2WD (automatic 5-gear)
Government-Declared Fuel Efficiency - Combined fuel efficiency 8.9km/ℓ (City: 7.9km/ℓ,
Highway: 10.5km/ℓ) CO2 Emissions: 222g/km | Displacement: 2,497cc | Empty Vehicle Weight: 2,520kg | Automatic 5-gear (class 5)
6-seater Limousine Exclusive /
Dual Sunroof 2.5 diesel 4WD (automatic 5-gear)
Government-Declared Fuel Efficiency - Combined fuel efficiency 8.3km/ℓ (City: 7.6km/ℓ, Highway: 9.4km/ℓ)
CO2 Emissions: 237g/km | Displacement: 2,497cc | Empty Vehicle Weight: 2,630kg | Automatic 5-gear (class 5)

♦  Directions for Efficient Use: Drive at a constant speed.

♦  Fuel efficiency above is based on the standard model and may differ from actual fuel efficiency depending on road conditions, driving habits, vehicle load status,
    vehicle maintenance status and ambient air temperature.

♦  Some images include optional specifications and may differ from actual vehicle images.

♦  The displayed specifications and colors may be changed for the vehicle exterior and performance improvement.

♦  The engine performance above is the net value, which is a legal requirement of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport implemented since 1997.
    It is a new fuel efficiency measuring technique that incorporates emission gas resistance. The net value may be slightly lower than the gross value.

♦  Leather seats partially include artificial leather.

♦  Vehicle colors may be slightly different from the actual vehicle colors, depending on monitor resolution.

♦  Hyundai Motor Company sells vehicles only through Car Masters in its branches and agencies while practicing good trading at the same prices for the same
    products all over the country.

♦  Use of low-quality fuel or parts other than the genuine parts designated by Hyundai Motor Company, including engine oil and transmission oil, may result in
    serious damage to the vehicle.

♦  Refer to user manual for details on new technologies and specifications introduced in the showroom.

Tire Efficiency Level
Tire manufacturer Tire specifications Rolling resistance coefficient Wet grip index
Hankook 215/70R 16C 4 1
Nexen 215/70R 16C 4 3
Nexen 215/65R 17XL 3 3
♦  Rolling Resistance Coefficient (RRC) Class : Ratio of rolling resistance on a tire at a certain load (RRC is divided into five classes (1~5); a smaller number indicates higher consumption efficiency).

♦  Wet Surface Braking Force (G) : Ratio of a tire’s braking performance on a wet surface compared to a benchmark (reference) tire (wet surface braking force is divided into five classes (1~5); a smaller number indicates better braking force on a wet surface)..

♦  Efficiency level may differ even if the tire size is identical. Furthermore, some information may be updated without advance notice.

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